Brain Blood Flow Biofeedback


Bionetica  v.1 5

Still using the old U.S.E. program for DOS? Then you would definitely love this - BIONETICA™ FOR WINDOWS 95, 98, 2000 and XP! Bionetica is the only program for the I-330 modular devices that works on Windows XP platform.

Xercise training B

Eye exercises. Temperature Training Stress effect: Reduced hand and foot temperature due to constriction of the arteries and the shunting of blood flow away from the extremities. Relax your body, one muscle at a time. Starting with your face, focus


Arlkup  v.2.1.3

arlkup can calculate blood flow value, help you calculate blood flow value look-up table from [O-15]H2O blood curve for using with PET in vivo autoradiographic (ARG) method (1-5). The command-line arguments must be given in this order: 1. Blood

Brain App  v.1.0

Brain App is a brain exercise program for your PC.

Brain App for Windows  v.1.0

Introducing Brain App - The ultimate brain exercise on your PC.

ICare Heart Rate Monitor  v.2.7.4

iCare Heart Rate Monitor--iCare Heart Rate Monitor measures your heart rate in real time

DcmEcho  v.1.0

DcmEcho offer you a DICOM Echo software including the ping command. This software is as easy-to-use as possible:

TotalZen  v.

TotalZen lets you create and experience meditation sessions set to the relaxing sounds of nature. Let the soothing high fidelity sounds of the rain, the rainforest, the ocean or a thunderstorm calm you own. Meditation has proven to have both

Diagonal Flow  v.1.2

The re-invented flow puzzle! In this flow puzzle you have to use diagonal lines to connect all points with the same color. Don't break the flow by crossing lines.

Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Calculator

Calculates the following results for each of 14 cash flow series: Initial Investment, Smallest and Largest Cash Flows, Range, Average, Number of Cash Flows, Undiscounted Sum of Cash Flows, Internal Rate of Return and Undiscounted Payback Period. For each

Killer Brain from Pluto 3D Screensaver

The Killer Brain from Pluto is too terrifying to be shown on this page! Can anything stop this mad mutated mental monster? See every frightening detail when you download and install this 3D screensaver. Enjoy this tribute to the classic science fiction

UCCDraw Flow/Diagramming Component  v.15.0

UCCDraw Flow Component is an ActiveX control that allows creation and editing of Visio-style charts from within your application,it contains full feature of Visio 12, you can build your own Visio 2003/Visio 12 like application with Visual Basic,Dephi.

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